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This project is co-financed within the framework of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020 by the European Regional Development Fund.

Microwave Pulp Vitality Tester is an innovative device for examining the condition of the tooth pulp, using microwave technology for the first time.

MPVT has a chance to become the only objective, universally available tool for assessing the condition of the dental pulp. High sensitivity, easy to use and fast measurement as well as limitation of measurement errors will make this solution unrivaled on a global scale.

An innovative solution that changes everything

Assessment of the condition of the tooth pulp is a key element of diagnostics in many dental procedures. In every field of dentistry, if we perform any processes related to therapy, it is worth to provide such a test, because the condition of the pulp determines the model of the implemented treatment.

The main function of the device is to assess blood flow in the vessels of the tooth pulp, a core parameter that determines the vitality of the tooth.


Microwave measurement techniques

In the MPVT microwave device, the frequency of the emitted EM wave is selected to obtain the optimal depth of penetration into the tooth tissue. For these frequencies, the depth of wave penetration is comparable to the dimensions of the tooth, which reduces the risk of wave transmission to the tissues adjacent to the examined tooth, guaranteeing measurement precision and an adequate test result.

MPVT uses longer wavelengths, which makes the measurement much less sensitive to vibration-related irregularities, and also eliminates the need for a dental impression.

The future of dentistry

The dental market is waiting for device such as MPVT, because the methods used so far do not give satisfactory results. Precise and non-invasive diagnostics is a very promising area for investments.

MPVT is an innovation that has the potential to overthrow the existing devices for examining the condition of the tooth pulp and become a standard equipment in every dental office. Precision, ease, convenience and low cost of measurement make the MPVT far ahead of competing devices.

​Projekt współfinansowany w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020, I Oś priorytetowa „Wsparcie prowadzenia prac B+R przez przedsiębiorstwa" Działanie "Projekty B+R przedsiębiorstw", Podziałanie "Badania przemysłowe i prace rozwojowe realizowane przez przedsiębiorstwa", pn. „Prace badawczo-rozwojowe nad nowym urządzeniem do diagnostyki stanu miazgi zęba oparte na technologii mikrofal”, numer POIR.01.01.01-00-0518/18
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